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Our Services:

Instructor-Led Training

Our instructionally-sound instructor-led trainings (ILTs) are designed to match the needs of the target audience and their learning style. The ILTs are an intelligent mix of written learning material, multimedia elements, in-depth case studies and engaging activities offering the participants a rich and effective learning experience. Our training material includes:

PowerPoint Slide Decks:

These include high-quality content, media, quick tests, reflection questions, activities complete with follow up de-briefs.

Facilitator Guides:

These guide the trainer on using the training material in the most effective way. It includes detailed instructions for ice-breaker and energizer activities to be conducted as part of the training session.

Participant Handbooks:

These help participants follow the training better and take notes as needed.

Pocket Books:

These entail detailed case studies or business games that will allow the participants to deal with real-life scenarios in a controlled environment.

Job Aids:

These are training aids that the participants can utilize as reference tools.


Our custom e-learning solutions provide a cost-effective way to achieve dynamic, tailored-to-your need, self-paced content. The content team is always brainstorming innovative ideas to keep the content engaging and impactful. They first start of with in-depth storyboards that also delineate the style and presentation of the e-learning course. The multimedia team then puts life into these storyboards using a variety of tools and technologies, such as: Flash, Articulate Storyline, Sound Forge etc. As needed, our team is also proficient in developing e-learning programs using customer’s own e-learning template. Our instructional designers and content writers have also done many validation exercises, wherein the content team teamed with subject matter experts to validate and correct pre-made courses.

Video Based Learning

In today’s environment learning has become complex. A lot of learners are leaning towards “on the go” videos that make learning easier to grasp. A lot of companies are using these explanatory videos to explain concept or even functional skills efficiently. Animation Live teams with professional photographers to capture all of the complex nuances of the operation or process at hand. However, that’s not all. Our content team then writes detailed scripts and storyboards to go along with the captured video. The video is then customized by the media development team to incorporate captions and labels using software like Captivate, After Effects and Adobe Premier. These explanatory videos are have proved to be good way to explain a concept efficiently.

Content Conversion

Sometimes you may have copious outdated text documents or power point presentations that are rendered useless because of their prosaic nature. Allow the content team here at Animation Live to work their magic fingers and turn it into fresh and engaging learning material. The experienced writers will cull out the worthy material and churn into appealing learning content your learners will love to use and learn.

About Us:

Animation Live – incepted in 2004, is an endeavor to churn out self-driven, top class professionals in the field of computer animation and graphics. Over the years we have produced over 3000 skilled designers. At Animation Live we aim to deliver quality training in the following domains.

  • 2D Animation
  • 3D Animation
  • VFX

Our focus is to provide wholesome education that equips our students to meet international standards of the animation industry. We have our own In–House Training division for freshers. This familiarizes them with industry nuances and helps them get the relevant industry experiences.

In the year 2010, Animation Live was registered as ATSEdutech Pvt. Ltd. This is time when we also ventured into multimedia development. Today, ATS houses a complete multimedia production studio. Over the past few years the studio team has grown into a strong team of 30+ highly skilled artists, designers and animators. Our staff is experienced in a variety of styles and techniques ranging from traditional, flash-based, and after effects animation to graphic design, character development and architecture concept design. The e-learning content works with a wide variety of clients on a vast array of projects including advertising, academic, e-learning content and explainer videos.

Around this time we also set the foundation of our content wing. Growing strong over the past few years, our content development team has mastered the treatment of varied kind of content. The team compromises of well groomed instructional designers and content writers. The content wing teams with the best industry subject matter experts to deliver innovative solutions and high impact business outcomes. The highly talented team is capable of delivering multiple types of content creation services. From designing and storyboarding e-learning courses to making effective blended learning courses- our team can do it all. The team offers both corporate training and academic learning material that can be customized to suit particular requirements of the target audience.

Animation Live Edge:

The team of Instructional Designers, Content Writers, Graphic Designers and Quality Assurance Associates is a vibrant, well rounded and socially aware team that ensures value in each project. In your association with us you will reap rich and rewarding benefits. Some of our unique value propositions are:

  • We address your needs and requirements within the boundaries of time and budget.
  • We give wings to out of the box ideas that will result in value for your money.
  • Our team is committed to excellence in everything we do. Every project at ATS gets a unique edge of impactful creativity.
  • Our customer centric approach will put you at the center of all our efforts.
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Product Training:

Take your creative potential to the next level by finding the right Animation Course for your talents. Choose from the bouquet of courses designed to help you succeed.

At Animation Live we provide support to students every step of the way, from the first day of training to their advent into the business world. From comprehensive student services to dedicated faculty, our mission is to ensure that our students graduate with the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

That's not all that sets us apart. We have well rounded curriculum that blends theoretical and applied learning. The faculty here is credited for initiating engaging activities that builds confidence, team spirit and the necessary soft skills required for a successful career.

With more than 3,000 alumni to date, Animation Live graduates have made us proud. Today, many of them lead successful businesses. Whereas, some other are placed with leading companies in the animation industries. A lot of our students have lent their talents to our very own multimedia studio at Animation Live. This is an increasingly popular and practical option for students who want a comfortable yet growing environment at the outset of their careers.

Whether you come to us for a diploma, graduate certificate or degree, you'll find a learning environment that is fuelled by innovation and creativity, enhanced by the latest technology, and supported by extensive services dedicated to your success.

Ready to take the first step? Get started by telling us a little bit about yourself and where you want to go in your career.


Content Development:

In the year 2010, Animation Live laid the foundation of its content wing. The talented team consists of experienced instructional designers and creative content writers. Leveraging deep industry experience and best practice knowledge, our content team has helped some of our niche clients achieve impactful solutions. The team often ties up with esteemed subject matter experts to cull out the best industry practices. These are then designed into effective courses using the best instructional design theories and methodologies.

Animation Live content solutions include engaging instructor-led training,e-learning, video based learning, blended learning and content conversion.

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Media Development:

Animation Live houses a fully functional Multimedia Studio that offers a wide variety of creative services.As a media development studio, we have worked in almost every style of animation. From classic 2D animation illustrations to sophisticated 3D animation graphics, we've done it all!

The studio has come up with brilliant concept videos that explain even the most complex idea efficiently. We have developed a slew of Flash videos, architecture walk-throughs, and company presentations.

Now and then, the studio teams with professional photographers to capture live video shoots to explain a skill concept. The Studio team then further enhanced these videos using software like Adobe Premier, After Effects, Sound Forge, Adobe Flash, Photoshop, Captivate etc.

In addition to this, we have a specialized team dedicated to Articulate and Indesign projects. This team is well versed with the nuances of the e-learning environment and work hand in hand with our content team.

The Animation Live studio team has been trusted with some of the leading universities and companies. Tata Housing, Aditya Birla Group, Glenmark, NIIT, IL&FS (to name a few) have all entrusted us with some of their key multimedia projects. Check out our Portfolio to see the diversity of our work.